New findings in the new update

New update came out. Possibility to pause arrivals came with it. So I tested it out. What I found is:

• After disabling all arrivals, the arrival slots will display “NO ARRIVALS AVAILABLE”, preventing you from landing any of your own planes. To let your planes land, you have to have atleast one arrival active.

• It’s now possible to have multiple of the same aircraft, not just two, but several. This might be helpful for when starting an airport.

@DankMCD @ukplanespotter757

I’ve updated, but where do you see the changes? I saw reports of countdown times, extended times, etc… but cosmetically, everything looks the same.


Most noticeable change is the filter on the connection tab. Otherwise it’s all relatively minor changes.

the countdown changes you won’t see, they are coded behind the scenes, so you will see the same UI, however the timers will count down slower depending on the size of the aircraft

actually as I say this. I just went into the game and on a 757 arriving into BRI, I have a 10 minute countdown timer I can actually see.