New landings


I propose that automatically insane landing to be compensated from the programmers of the World Of Airports © with one good Automatically take off when all ground services are done.

This will be fair!

But all takeoffs are already automatic once you hit the green button after servicing, you literally have to do nothing…
Technically the landings caught up because now if you don’t click them yourself it will do it anyway.

When the Ramp Agent comes it will be one click and done… so 3 clicks and you could service an aircraft. One to assign a gate. 1 for the ramp agent and 1 to let it depart and if you want to be lazy and let the system do the landing it could be 2?

When will the titled landing gear animation be added? As the A330 has been added with those famous landing gears in real life.

They are not automatically take off because you hit the green button.
My propose once again is:

When the Arrivals here get their time in red if have free gate the land automatically without You to choose the to land right?

And in other hand we have:

Here when You choose ready plane to Take off

First we have wrong player rights
And second the green button for Take off should be deleted and all ready planes go automatically.
For own planes the programmers in WOA should be add option when they are at the gate what is their next destination…and then poffff…Automatically

Now understand?

I agree!!