New member. Some reports and suggestions

So this is where all the fun is at! :smiley:

My first complaint. JetBlue Airways, I haven’t seen an arrival (IAD) since I updated the app (Ver.1.1.11) I even deleted and reinstalled the game back, and still have no arrivals for JBU.

• Skip feature is a + :+1:t4:
• New liveries + :+1:t4:
• Maintenance feature -/+ so so :call_me_hand:t4: (Still trying to understand the concept of it all) …

…I was hoping for a more simpler concept, more like where an aircraft may RANDOMLY (random, just like marshelling feature) have a mechanical issue from one of the following possible failures in the game, ENGINE FAILURE, ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS, LANDING GEAR, FLAPS, FUEL TANK, BRAKES etc… These failures should happen randomly at any point during gameplay (Before taxiing to gate/runway, or during taxiing or runway departure)

When possible failures happen, control tower should be notified, and plane should return back to gate/stand to drop passengers/luggage’s, then player should request that a pushback tractor be issued to bring the plane to hanger for maintenance issues. When plane arrives at hangar, then handling services should appear on screen (like usual) with highlighted failures that needs maintenance. Player selects which one is needed, and that’s it. Then plane returns back to gate when done. Just like real life. Simple.

• Gate/stands Timers, is there any way we can keep most gates/stands occupied without them being timed? if it is possible to keep all gates full, then that’s because they’re all ready for pushback (not realistic) and that the player hasn’t selected “TAKEOFF” at gate.

So maybe, if we can come up with an idea where arriving planes at gates/stands can have options for players to choose from…

Departs in …
• 15:00
• 30:00
• 45:00
• 1:00:00

That would be a cool feature and most players can calculate how to fill up the airport. An airport with more than 45+ gates/stands, players calculate by leaving four parked aircraft for departures under 15 minutes, (and depending on aircraft type in waiting slot) so that way, there can be a gate available for that aircraft type arriving. Meanwhile, all other gates/stands can be timed for 30 min+. Making the airport full/occupied.


Just give players the option when to start a timer at a gate/stand.

• Day/Night cycle, I think night time should last a little longer, just a little.

• Sounds, would like to hear different types of engine sounds for each departing planes. That would be a + :+1:t4:

Ver. 1.1.11 is nice update. Would rate now 3.5/5. WoA is very uniquely crafted and deserves more recognition. Still, it’s not there yet. There are several important things that requires attention. There is progress to be made. But, I know what I suggested above is no surprise to you; you guys are the experts. I’m sure you know what you’re doing.

Keep up the good work.



Good ideas, welcome.