New Mini Game Causing delays

My partner @Paddy4840 (who is not a member of the forum) has found that the introduction of the mini games is causing him to lose most if not all of his handling bonuses. Is there and option to opt out/ switch off if a player doesn’t want to play them?

Hes also finding that at IAD (only plays at that airport) that as he is having to wait to send out his fleet of aircraft, his bonuses are increasing incredibly slowly.

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I’m not certain, I’m at PRG haven’t had that.

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It is quite impossible that minigame is making bonuses lost its lack of handling on time

Marshalling happens quite seldom and only thing it can make if plane waits for mashalling is to stop some planes behind which is unlikely in IAD as they do not come that often one taxiway.

Timer for handling is started when plane is parked not when it waits on taxiway.

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There must be something wrong then because sometimes happens that I don’t have any plane in holding slot and after mini game there are waiting two of them. It’s not even possible get 2 planes in normal game so fast.

So I’ve checked it now and there appears extra plane in holding slot after mini game.

Timer is running continuously in WoA (if in minigame or not) its not a bug = planes will arrive in holding slots

There is stop arrival timer function to use if one needs.

Look at this
the first shoot is before mini game

second one is after…

There is said 15 sec in change log. I don’t think it’s possible to get one round in counter for 15sec.

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After playing mini game a couple times now, I just don’t think it’s worth playing, has all you get is 75 w if you get 100% in all. 3 categories

It’s fun isn’t it?

Not when you could lose a plane departure for a lot more, so I try and bye pass game now

why should you loose plane departure i dont get that … arrival rate can be adjusted by not crazy_spamming_arrival button.

With more minigames it will be even more important. If its not worth… I am not sure its about having / not having extra money that many ask.

  • there will be achievement for succesful marshalling x/x times.

A small ‘skip’ button would do the trick. Let who want to play and earn do, let others get on with the game.

And what other mini games are planned?