New Planes for the Feedback Page

What planes would you see on the WoA FB page
I really like to see the AN-12,AN-22,IL96,B707,L-1049,DC-10

I’d like

S: AN140, ERJ135, ERJ140, ERJ145

M: ARJ21, TU204/214, 737MAX

AN124 just added to the feedback page :slight_smile:

DC8-62 i would appreciate the most.

Ich würde gerne eine:
S: AN2, CRJ700
M: DC8, DC10, MD11, MD11F, EM170, A300, A300F, A310
L: B707
X: Beluga (XL), AN125

Einige davon kann man schon auf der Feedbackseite voten:

I would really like a B717

Definitely the Boeing 757-300. So unique with its length I think it would be a great addition to the game, especially with the 757-200 already being in the game.

Obvious ones that are missing that are already on the feedback page, 747-400, 767-3/400, A321/A21N.

I’d also like a new small Jet like the E135/145 or the Do328.

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Can we please have some of the following ??
Air India 747/777/321/320
Jet airways 737/777
Indigo 320/321/AT76
Spicejet 737
Vistara 320

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Jet Airways 777 is planned for the next update, the rest I don’t know about right now

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In game

321 will come with the a320 redo, however the 320 and at76 are in game
@carlsberg72 how do you not know about these

I’ve been a little preoccupied with home life, so didn’t go back and check :slight_smile:

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I can confirm that 744 is on „to do” list but I cant confirm that it will be done in incoming update.