New player nit pick

I am a new player. Just discovered the game and really enjoy it. However Just some small nit picks. Engine noises seem to be louder from the runway view when planes start up versus going full throttle on a take off. Also, on the taxi to take off, jet engines seems quiet down next to nothing for take off. This should be louder than the taxi noise. Last thing, the smoke from touchdowns seem to be the same size no matter the aircraft. A B738 should have more tire smoke than a small propeller plane. I am on the first airport but overall really like the game. Wish there was a PC version with greater details.


There won’t be a PC version.

I agree with @Wallybacon22 about a PC version. @DRX I’m also confused on why there wouldn’t. I can get how it will be hard to transfer the mobile version to PC with Unity. It will change the entire game. But if we look past that, the game will (hopefully) become more popular.

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Not just that but we could also have a cross platform system