New rewards - planes

Guys, noticed in the new update, as a ‘reward’ i was given a new plane ( ATR ) , it arrived in my colours , but shows a random name ( USER NAME ) rather than that which my own name ( as my fleet shows -BAILDON VIKING ).

any reason ?

Not sure here - it had my name on testing - will forward that one to devteam.

The Saab 340 in INN also had a Player85385385863863863683 name instead of my user name.
The CRJ 700 had my name on it.

ta for this, maybe a glitch on the first reward… will keep an eye on it.

Do we have to complete the level and then we will get the update?

No, take a look into the Google Play Store. Search for WoA and there should be the update.

I figured it out.
Thank you for your help.