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Starting this off with a pleasant story, A united airlines a321 touched down for the first time ever in the Nations Capital.

The aircraft, an a321NX landed on May 17, 2024 at 3:40 p.m. EST, arriving in on a from a 1 hour flight from Chicago ORD airport. CEO Scott Kirby states “this is a historic day for us, it it is great to be expanding our hub from Dulles. We are planning to add more flights using this aircraft out of Dulles in the future”.

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Eco Aviation announced fleet transfers into Heathrow.

Today Eco Aviation has announced that there fleet of Q400s ATR72, 757, A320s and 737s will be moved from Bari and Prague to London Heathrow for the summer. Due to low aircraft availability at Heathrow, Eco Aviation has had a hard time finding new aircraft, in case there original aircraft is under maintenance. Currently they have 4 to these players

Although it is a costly solution it will hopefully be a game changer in the long run, and even considering buying A300 passenger aircraft to make extra money.


Leased A320s for Primary Air?

Two all-white A320s have been spotted at BRI, from news around Flightradar24, the aircraft have been flown in as part of a deal between Avion Express and Primary Air.

It is believed that these two aircraft are to help with the summer rush between London Heathrow and Bari. Rumor also has it that there is a potential these aircraft could be bought fully by Primary Air.


Excitement rises as Innsbruck opens!

Recently,the project of Innsbruck has opened to the public,and pepole REALLY are excited for this as they take the opportunity with Austrian Airlines and several other airlines to fly to Kyiv,to Istanbul,to Paris and many more locations…
Here’s what a passenger had to say:“i’m so excited to go to Istanbul.Prices are really cheap here compared to Vienna and i’m also going with Turkish Airlines.This airport is the 2nd nicest looking in the entire country.”
We hope you enjoy your time here,and see you on the next news.


UFO spotted at undisclosed airport

Earlier today a picture showed up in obscure media outlets about a strange and unidentified object making it’s way to a runway at a undisclosed airport.

At first glance it seems a weird blend of two well known aircraft, but in it’s current configuration baffles experts and observers alike.

A quick investigation turned out evidence that this is a prototype “Rarebus”.


Humm :thinking: that looks similar to @ukplanespotter757 330 unless it was stolen

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Imagine using my 330 or 757 on it? Man I am not a fan of BA so I will eat it :rofl:

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Chaos at LHR

More news. A Ryanair 737-800 touched down in lhr for an emergency landing due to a sick passenger. However, the landing was so rough that it damaged the runway, freezing operations for many hours. Planes were stuck on the ground with nowhere to go. Lines were so long, it even stopped other planes from landing since he second runway was occupied by lined up planes. Here are some images from the horrific scene:

It only late in the evening when operations started to return to normal after spending hours trying to fix the runway and get all the planes back in the air

“It was an abomination” One BA pilot stated. “The worst day in lhr history” said one ATC. “Ill be sticking with easyjet from now on” said the sick Ryanair passenger. “At least I didn’t have to go home to my wife for an extra couple hours” said one of the ground crew who was working to repair the runway. “I just sat there and enjoyed seeing all these aircraft” said Johnny from Big Jet TV.

Truely a one of a kind situation


……and the wheel turns around again.

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Passengers Bewildered as Wheels Roll From Reality

Passengers at Chubu Centrair International Airport today, were left perplexed at the sight of the baggage carts as the wheels rotate around seemingly nothing. This bizzare sight has everyone mystefied, including the CEO and President of Chubu Centrair International Airport. The strange event has sparked an investigation led by a team of renowned scientists. Stay tuned while the story unfolds…



‘ShimoJet’ - A New Era

Duke Frost, the CEO of ShimoJet (Formerly AirSealGlobal) has announced major rebranding plans in order to further modernise the company amid new emerging technologies and demand going back to pre pandemic levels.

“We have come a long way since our first A319 flight from our NGO home but this multi million wollar rebranding campaign marks a milestone in the airline’s operations and history. This significant strategic shift was absolutely necessary for the airline’s future. It will also aid us to become more sustainable economically, environmentally and socially.” CEO Duke Frost has stated.

So what’s new?

  • Investment into modern and fuel efficient aircraft for short / medium haul e.g A19Ns, A321NXs
  • Cargo operations expansion - Increased B777F and B757F fleet
  • New cabin design featuring Airbus Airspace cabins
  • New liveries for existing and new aircrafts
  • New company name “ShimoJet”

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A new joint venture may be on the Horizon

There is pictures new today at LEJ which shows an Eco Avation A319 painted into the DB ICE livery

It’s seams like that the ICE livery is the first thing as rumours are circling about DB and Eco calling this new airline Eco Bahn which is designed to go anywhere from Germany with the Rail’s, this is good news for Train spotters as they can change between the Eco Bahn and the ICE at some stations but is also good for Avgeeks as they like to fly, this is going to streamline the experience between the DB ICE and the Eco Avation product and mashing them together to make Eco Bahn possible.

The big question remains: Will the Eco Bahn program be successful?


OFFICIAL new services to Innsbruck from several airlines
Easy jet have announced service to Innsbruck on their airbus a319 from London Gatwick

Play airlines have started on there a321neo to Innsbruck from Keflavik in iceland

And we have Ryanair (also seen above) starting from stansted during the summer season. The airports most common carrier continues to expand by the day!

We also have the national carrier of Turkey :tr: (Turkish airlines) who ahve started the service to Istambul as demand is ever increasing

And finally, last but not least, KLM the dutch carrier is starting on their E190 as the demand isn’t as high as they think it will in the winter
In the winter if there is enough demand KLM will switch to the 737

Here is all the new airlines with new services to Innsbruck