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Eco 787 seized by charter airline

Yesterday a 787-8 that is used for holiday routes has been seized by the airline who owned it. It was due to fly to Lanzarote in the Canaries but passengers was forced off the aircraft, they eventually got on an A300 and made it to Lanzarote

The 787 that was involved yesterday

The A300 rescue flight.
The 787-8 has since been moved to the maintenance side of the airport where it would be stored to minimise disruption at the airport.
An Eco spokesperson said: flight EC1592 to Lanzarote has been affected by an aircraft being seized by an airline in Manchester, but luckily only had a delay of 15 minutes which the handles worked hard to get all the passengers all the luggage in that timeframe and off they went.

The CEO of Eco Aviation said: we had a horrendous day yesterday, over the next week or 2 weeks are forced to cancel 55 flight operating the aircraft, that’s 250,000 passengers flight cancelled because of that aircraft being reposed affecting flight to the Canaries, the Carribbean, UAE, Thailand, some parts of Europe and India. We had enough its time to launch a partition to get people to agree that they need the aircraft back for our summer timetable.

They even filed a lawsuit against the lesser for braking leasing regulations, the aircraft was leased from April to September.
If they didn’t win and that aircraft is taken than they have 3 options

  1. Redeploy A300s to LHR which would boost capacity in Europe, Carribbean and Middle East but would make less money.
  2. Get medium Aircraft to pickup the slack from the 787, great for European and some parts of the Middle Eastern but not good with Carribbean and Asian destinations
  3. Buy new A330-200s to replace the 787-8 but is an expensive option

Which option will Eco choose?


All World Alliance first Anniversary

On July 9th. last year the first informal WOA Alliance was founded by several long term players who pooled their contracts and resources in a close cooperation, flying under the “All World Alliance” banner.

Now, a year later, 19 members are maintaining thousands of contracts daily making money and providing Silver Planes in an unprecedented fashion.

The Alliance pioneered the “AMARF” concept where unused planes are stored at non played member airports and the “Airport Relay” concept where contracts are transferred from a member who finishes an airport to one or more members who are starting or active playing same airport.

In anticipation of the announced “In-game Alliance” feature other new concepts are on the drawing board. The first visible result is the new AWA logo, an overall design (still “under construction”) with a personalisation option to be part of (future?) Personal and Alliance liveries:

To celebrate this occasion various members flew to PRG Airport with planes in their “personal livery”:

A similar meeting was held at IAD with planes in the “personalised AWA livery”:

The close cooperation between the members and the experience gained provides a solid base for future gameplay. We want to thank everybody involved for putting time in this game and hope to be part of it for a long time to come.


Brilliant! And happy anniversary! Not the first alliance though, discord members have had some going since 2021 at least, and possibly since 2020


Wait I thought it was founded in August?


The introduction to the forum was August. It was “founded” on July 9th (at 3.34 PM to be exact).


Ah ok, well enjoy your celebration with you members, we all support you!


Happy anniversary to AWA.


Eco Aviation confirmes the unfortunate
Last week a 787-8 was seized by a charter airline based in Manchester for no reason, the court decided that the lesser will win and the aircraft was seized, this was brutal for Eco Aviation, that’s 150 million people flight got cancelled plus 150 flight cancelled.

787 is departing

As a result Eco Aviation found an EX alliance A330-200 aircraft and sends to Shannon for repaint and an extensive Overhaul

A330 after repaint

It’s due to enter service this week but for now there A300 and M aircraft are going to have to take the slack but some are soon getting moved somewhere and so have started to Hunt for M aircraft to replace them moving out of LHR.
What will tourist’s do about it?


You could get the 321neo for some trans Atlantic and European-african routes
That is if eco has the money for brand new aircraft.
Or you could buy them second hand

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There no used aircraft market yet, it was in the portal before 2.0 but I’m not sure if they are going to add a used aircraft market since the portal was shut down in July or August 2023.

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No i meeant buy a 321neo then pretend it was second hand


And waste 20+ gold planes on a narrow body, I don’t have a lot of L aircraft unlock at the moment only 1 (A300-600) so unlocking the A330-200 would help (also got a livery for free from SXM)