Next Update - WoA

Does anyone know when the. Next update will be?

Not for a few weeks yet. There’s a bunch of testing to be done on the performance enhancement and that hasn’t started yet. But they are working on stuff for the update.
The trick I have learnt is if you look at the feedback page on the website. If the bug fix item shows up, you got about 2 weeks before go live. It’s not an exact science but roughly consistent

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Ok. Thanks

No guarantees my timing is right but history says it’s usually around that time length

No guarantee. accepted.
Let’s see the 2 weeks as a rough guide.

My friend and I have been playing and it seems that it will be night at innsbruck on his end and daytime at prague on my end. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: BTW there is land missing on all sides of IAD!

Day/night cycle is 20 minutes so that’s not really surprising.

As for IAD that’s a known issue because it’s not been updated for 3D yet

If IAD Would be 3d Modelled they would have to activate the 3rd Runway out of 4 Runways

So the update may be coming for the terrain around IAD airport soon.

YES!!! For the additional IAD runways, let’s make it happen. I would love to see an airport with more than two active runways