Next update

New premium livery for the next update.

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That livery is just pure frikin murica

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We have to put Oman air B737 Max 8

Because the previous update They put nothing more than Omar air A330-200 rr E170 and E175 But they didn’t put the 737 Max 8 and A330-300 So that they are little more than fair


A330-300 only existed in the first update AFTER the main update, soooooo

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English not being my first language…
Can you explain?

Frikin-replacement for f*** and shortened
Murica-america shortened and said by most rednecks like that

When they put the update they just put delta airlines a330-300 Also they did not set a destination for the plane So probably in the next update We can have more aircraft from a330-300 like Oman Air Air China Air Canada and Swiss

Possible, depends what the next update is, bug fixes a a couple liveries or a full on A330 livery boogaloo


Speaking of air China, other certain aircraft could use some Chinese liveries AHEM China southern a320
ALSO, old southwest livery? Some are still not repainted so why not add that, I also believe southwest operates the 400 though I might be wrong

Yes Because in all the updates that we have They will never put planes like Air China A320-200 China Airlines B737-800 and Thai Lion Air B737-800 The planes that continues in NGO But now they have to put the airlines

I’m sure they will come. There are always airlines updated after such a big update. That happened after NGO and SAN. Patience is a virtue.

If it may be possible Because the next update we are going to have a Southwest Airlines (Freedom One) B737-800 for the 50 years anniversary by Southwest Airlines These are going to be at the United States airports in San Diego and Washington dulles

My biggest desire for the next update is more airlines added to routes from MCT. CDG, Missing anything Air France, IST is missing Turkish A332, NGO is missing all JAL/ANA flights, AMS X missing the KLM 747 etc. It’s slightly annoying having mostly Oman Air flights, with very few routes having other airlines.


it’s also for July 4th (Independence Day!)

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It would be cool also to tilt gears for heavies like for the a330 for example as shown in the picture below for take off and landing👇

Yes I was watching the 330 land and was hoping it had tilt, it didn’t


Ooh… And by the way for the 737max. Look as the rear of the plane should be more pointed/tapered than the classic version of the boeing 737. It should be fixed also

The A330 is the butter machine should be added.