No carga android

Alguien me puede dar una solución? No me aparece la aplicación en Play Store y no sé qué hacer.

Alguien me da una solución?

I don’t speak spanish, sorry

Can someone give me a solution? The application does not appear in the Play Store and I don’t know what to do. the photo says: “The version of your game has not been validated correctly. Restart the game.”

the second photo says this: “This app is no longer compatible with your device. Contact the developers for more information. "

Contact the devs and they might fix it.

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Tendrás que comprar un nuevo móvil, el tuyo ya no podrá ejecutar las nuevas versiones del juego y necesitas la ultima versión para jugar, si crees que tu celular puede manejar el juego entonces puedes contactar con los desarrolladores.

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Actually it would be nice if you all who couldn’t speak english can translate from your language to english and post it. You can also translate the reply to your language.


Just like Facebook, there should be an translator bot to translate the words from foreign language to english.

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