No planes on radar


my planes no longer shows up on the radar. Unlocked IAD recently, the one plane i have on IAD sows, but INS, BARI, PRG no. Any ideas?

Your planes at other airports don’t show up on others, if you sent a plane to Prague, it goes to another player’s Prague, not yours

Thnx, i should have been more specific. I was referring at the radar in the browser, where you can see your planes on the map. But it seems that the problem is on my end.

I think planes only show up when they are in flight. After they arrive home it seems the only way to know where they are is to go in the game and look at them in the hangar (or enter the airport of course, but that defeats the purpose). Could this be what happened to you?

Yeah, that was the problem …i had no plane visible, even when i sent out from all three airports. After 2 days, now its working again. Maybe something on my browser …