Not able to get past the loading screen

So hello guys,

I’m having a problem that seems kinda recurrent here, but none of the solutions worked for me.

I’m stuck on the loading screen, the little white bar moves a little the pauses and that is it for me. I was playing just fine when I left my phone battery die, so when I recharged and tried to start the game again I was surprised by this issue.

I’ve already tried to uninstall/reinstall, deleted a few caches and datas (Google Play Store, Google Play Games, Google Play Services, the game Cache and data itself), but none of them worked.

I don’t get any messages as if I was banned or something, It just plain and simple refuses to load.

I suspect it’s not an issue with the phone as the game was running just fine before the phone turned off.

So I’m open to any tips and suggestions on how to work around and fix this issue.



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Same whit me on iOS 14.2 on the iPhone X

Same with me too