Not sure if bug or glich 1.5.4 iOS


Not sure if this is even a bug or a glich so admin you are free to lock or remove if it isn’t, but my deicing mini-game sometimes appears when I open the game and sometimes the whole deicing ‘piece’ doesn’t even appear at all!

Yesterday (March 9), I logged in to play and I had no deicing on any aircraft at my airport (PRG) and the weather was sunny. Today (March 10), I have deicing back, the weather is snow and night time, but whenever aircraft are finished, deicing is green and and all done, when I haven’t even touched anything, but the aircraft look to be still covered in ice.

Is this a glich or a bug? I didn’t think to get screenshots at the time so I’m sorry I can add them.

Using iOS 15.3.1 on iPhone 8 Plus with app update 1.5.4. Time zone +9:30 GMT

Also non related to deicing, but still relevant to update 1.5.4, my PRG is almost always in darkness/night time. No settings have been altered.

Thanks Eva :slight_smile:

This thread will get locked because you are supposed to use the provided threads, I reccomend you copy this over to one of those threads before the admin remove it


I tried searching for the bug thread for 1.5.4, but I couldn’t find anything hence I made this thread.

But I’ll happily copy, if a thread link is provided.

Thanks, Eva

Not the 1.5.4, probably better off in just creating a new thecnical problem thread, those are allowed