Notification message improvement idea

Hi Everyone,

I would have a humble suggestion regarding the notification message we are getting when our flights are handled at destination by « non-directly « connected players.

Current notification message example:

B757 I-DWZ has been handled by blablabla and will arrive to Innsbruck in 6h 30min.

Proposed notification message example:

B757 I-DWZ has been handled by blablabla @ MCT and will arrive to INN in 6h 30min.

I believe this would be helpful, providing more clarity, especially for active players who are playing on several airports at the same time.

What do you think?



I would really like this. I feel like the notification provides too little information. I’d also like to see an option to turn off non-connection notifications.


I think it is already like that

No, he’s asking if the departure airport can be added
So in his example aircraft would show departure from MCT and coming back to your INN, currently doesn’t say where it’s coming from, just where it’s going to

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And would be a great feature!

Hi guys added to our To-Do thanks for feedback


Love this person. I handle their SAN flights
-=* :kissing_heart: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: *=-

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I am curious who is he. I have several great connections with him :slight_smile:

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you guys talking about me?
BTW which all connections do we have
could you just tell me again so that I can complete them
I was unwell since a week so was not playing
but now am all right
so please if I could just get to know our connection routes I would start sending the planes again.

No the person on the notification you screenshotted

Ohh ohk


Hi Kubasan,

Coming back to this topic, would you have any progress update to share with us?

Thanks in advance,