NPRW 738, no owner?

Saw this pop up today… blank owner…


I’ve had it before, I think it’s a user who hasn’t registered a username.

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I think you should shift this topic to Bug reports/General Discussion.

I’ve moved it across to bug reports for you, @Rito is right. It might be a bug that may need investigating.

The first farming bot ?

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I saw the same plane in INN, not the same callsign, mine was PF2021 from North Pole (NHP). I think it’s like a holiday plane event thing or something.

Was it the ‘Merry Christmas plane’’ or something else?

I think it is.

Was it coloured with red and green?

I looked into it a while ago and found that it’s not a bug because when I looked at the connections window, there’s a tab for North Pole NHP with just 1 plane(the B738 with red and green livery).


Yes, Merry Christmas plane is normal/special.

I was referring to the plane with no call sign with tail number NPRW (NPR is a radio program in the US).