October 2020 Release Issues

So I’m a long term player who spends probably too many hours in a day building up airports and connecting with other players. In addition, I have (like many others) spend a lot of money on in-game purchases and I have to say I’ve loved every release until this last one. I know you have heard of and said you fixed the Maintenance issue but I have to tell you I don’t consider it “fixed”. I sent my 737 on two runs and it’s already back for a $30k+ maintenance. When you match that with route payments reduced by more than half, I don’t know how we can make progress in this game anymore. I started over in Prague and wanted to build up without any in-game purchases (just for the fun) and finally got my first XL, a 747. I was excited to see that I’ll get $25k for long runs. I only got two in before this release hit and now the same runs are $10k. This is a great demotivator to play. I know I’m not alone in this and a lot of other players feel the same. You have always been great at hearing us so please hear us now. Please consider putting back payments and maintenance the way it was prior to this release. I LOVE this game and think there was a lot of good in this new release, but this part isn’t one of those successes. I have heard you (the developers) were going for more realism but in my opinion, this it too realistic. This isn’t a flight simulator and we don’t play for that level of realism. This game is an escape, a fun way to unwind and leave this crazy COVID world behind for a minute, not a reminder of how hard it is to get ahead, make money and how quick you can loose it. Again, much love and respect to you but I feel this has to be expressed and hopefully corrected.


There was a slight adjustment in revenue when the maintenance prices got reduced. I do agree though, take the prices back to there original. The system was good as it was.

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I was just looking at the radar & VVI, which used to be a hotbed of A380’s & jumbo’s operating from NGO was showing one arrival due & that was an A320 from IAD. They must see this stuff. Concorde (& the comet) cost a lot & the rest of the long haul fleet subsidised their use but if the Ls & Xs struggle to even pay for themselves what is the point of them. The increase in M revenues won’t touch it

I don’t think it should go back to the way it was, certainly not for the aircraft sales anyway. If you follow what the devs are saying, the valuations are of a magnitude of 1,000th of real life, so a 380 is 445m to buy and 445k to buy in the game.
So with that in mind the new revenue streams make a lot more sense. Where I have the issue is actually the maintenance still. While the price has been dropped by 1/2 in relative terms it’s still too expensive. The problem is right now, you would never buy a long haul jet because you would never make the money back on it

I don’t think the revenue makes sense at all, if it was realistic then every airline that runs long haul services would’ve gone bust. Nearly every long haul route loses money & no amount of money spent on buying golden planes will change that. I was getting a solid 15 - 20 connections at IAD which dropped to 3 after the update & they’re generally 757s, it would seem most of us are struggling. This is a game & it should be fun, I think it’s currently lost that




That is not completely correct:

Sure, but the logic is still flawed. I don’t want to send all my 380’s to DOH just to make money. In real life they are used on trunk routes like LAX, JFK etc too and those don’t make you money.

I agree we don’t need to be sending everything just on the longest journeys either, but something needs to be tweaked.

You are absolutely right.

If things will not change - I will probably stop playing the game.

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@carlsberg72 I agree with you :+1:. I live in Manchester (UK) & if MAN was in the game according to the current logic then the route which would make me the most money would be sending A380s & 777s to LPL (approx 40 miles). Tweaking required definitely


Yes …