Older airplanrs

Hello. I wold love to be seeing some of the clasdic trijets like DC10, TU154 or Tristar. Would that be possible or you try to be more realistic?

There are Concordes and Comets in the game, so don’t give too much on realism in the game.

Its one of the things I love about it. But it is a good idea for the future. Right?

Its not only about following realism. Heritage of aviation is also important.


Indeed. And now that I will no longer see 747 at airports like before…its killing me.

I still think there is a market for heritage (vintage) play… DC-8, 707, Trident, TU series, IL-62 (VC-10)…

BOAC, Pan Am, UTA, Braniff

I’d pay for it!

Let’s remember the L1011 is already on the planned update list.

I kind of like having the older planes about. Also remember the evolution of the game started with PRG in the 30’s.

Bring it on, the Dc10, MD11, 727’s and if you don’t want them in your game don’t have to buy them :slight_smile:

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I would too. But I am only at PRG and have not seen such. I guess they are way aheadAah. I love PRG 30s and 40s. Its how I got hoocked.

Then don’t forget to look here in PRG

After a while you can tap on the DC2 and get 50 W (Watt?) while the plane taxis to the short runway and leaves the airport.

Watt ? no :slight_smile: its “World of airports” currency.

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Not really easy to pronounce :joy:

still plenty of actual types are missing. E.g. A220, A330, B767, ARJ21, SSJ, AN148, ERJ

But maybe there can be an airport in the future with all those old birds for those who love them, I personally don’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Martha’s Vintage Airport (MVY).

You can just use Woah with a silent H :slight_smile:


Speaking of heritage, I would really love to see a United Airlines plane with the Battleship Grey livery, and American Airlines with their aluminum finish (both circa 1990s-2000s)

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Oooo American chrome. They would look fantastic on a 757, can’t forget the oneworld livery either!