Once level reach

What actually happened after that, does it just reset the level or reset both level and airport?

Levels max out and stay there until the devs release a new set.
That will reset the levels back to 1 and you start over. Your airport remains unchanged

Phew thank you for explaining I thought I’m gonna lose my hard work, because of level reset.

And what happens exactly when you reset the airport?

You keep any aircraft you own and any slots/destinations you have previously opened, along with any GP’s earned.
The airport infrastructure goes back to how it was when you first started. 10k cash, couple of stands opened and no services.

OK. Any reason for that feature?

yes, i’ve actually used it on PRG, IAD and NGO… because right now you cannot close stands, what happened for me is that I made those airports too big to manage and not fun to play, so I reset them back to the beginning and started over and set them up, not completely maxed out and now life is so much more reasonable.

I did the same, mainly because I had the x and L gates with m capabilities, and it was hindering my arrivals, so I’ve reset my airports, now I’m struggling to rebuild ngo

Heed the P rule:

“Proper previous planning prevents piss poor performance”


yeah, but at the time, I thought building out IAD to the max was awesome, until my landing queue ended up being the best part of 45 minutes.

I made the same mistake in the early days with BRI, got completely stuck and started fresh.

Now I gradually expand and watch carefully what happens. Takes longer but there is fun in the proces.

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