Only one plane in maintenance per destination? Plus more…

Thats great that it wasnt mentioned because now I have like 20pcs of e90 waiting for maintenance at gates and 20 more coming to today👍

Also thank you devs for the bug that didnt let me send any planes for destinations so I had to buy and open new destinations with more than 200 000W, only for the game to crash and then the destinations were avaivable for flights again. It was great to spend more than 200k W for new destinations for nothing.

And why am I reading here that I could get 67K for long flights with a380 when the best route I find is 18k? Not fair for us new here.

Why do I have to load luggage, catering and passangers into planes that are going for maintenance?

Game is also constantly crashing on ios 14.7.1, Iphone 12 pro max

Fix these please

You could buy more slots for destination.

That was year ago, after some patch, they corrected earnings from flights.

I think, that you still take passanger to destinations and then they do maintenance and then fly back with passanger. Planes will not fly empty.

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Nice tone of voice to introduce yourself here. Good first impression.


You need to buy the destination slots to send your planes to maintenance. Managing your fleet appropriately will avoid them all going to maintenance at the same time.

The sending passengers and baggage on maintenance flights is a coding set up in the game and would cause a significant amount of work to fix. The only flight that’s really at issue is the flight to the maintenance destination because the plane inbound from prior destination would bring passengers and because the maintenance destinations are regular airports no reason why they can’t bring those back and you can get money for them.

1 slot 1 plane, that’s how it works, if game crashed and the planes were gone suggests you bought a to. Of very short range destinations trying to rack up money. So not surprised they were gone. We all have to buy destinations and slots at some point it’s part of the game.

Cash- yes at one time there was a route that gained 67k. However it was unrealistic given the make up of the rest of the game. Despite much grumbling of the players, the devs took the risk and changed it. Ultimately the right decision in my opinion even if I was one of those that was not happy about the decision. Let’s forget they need people to buy GP’s because there are no other revenue streams from the game in the form of ads etc. be well to remember that.

This game does take a lot of memory so it does crash periodically. Devs are doing a lot of work behind the scenes to improve it and have done so. But I understand the frustration. It’s relatively small team and they are doing the best they can with it.


@Zupra87 : if someone is forcing you to play a game you obviously don’t like: call the police :slight_smile:
@carlsberg72 : I really admire your patience


It is a legitimate question and I also don’t understand why I at least don’t get the money for transporting the passengers from A to B.
And I still remember the uproar here when the devs changed the payment system.
He has the right to complain as any other in the forum.

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Thank you for your replies. Didnt mean to be rude, I just said what was on my mind. I do like the game, I was fustrated of those things, I thought I could only maintenance 3 planes at a time while having a huge fleet needing maintenance also. I have also bought gp to support devs if that info brightens up anyones day.

Okey, so I get it now that I had to seach the destinations tab for more maintenance slots. What confused me was that when pressing ”takeoff” button it gave me ”not available dark grey” for the flights so I thought there wasnt any chance but to wait for previous planes to come back and that would fill my gates with planes waiting for maintenance and the game would have stalled.

Because if there where new unopened destinations available they would have been on the list as ”green”. Maybe it would be best if new possible slots would also be on the list green so you could open them straight from the takeoff list.

And IRL some airlines do actually fly to maintenance empty :slight_smile:

Happy turnarounds for everyone!