Payed yellow Planes doesn’t affect

Hej :v:t3:I just Downloaded the Game, and im so happy to finally find a new game I’m addicted to :crazy_face: one issue: I bought 10 yellow planes for 4,90€. But it doesn’t effect to buy new arrivals/departures?

Gold planes aren’t to buy arrivals or departures. You can make them to money (1 gold plane = 10000 W). You need to level up to get keys for the arrivals/departures or use the money for this or unlock and buy planes.


I didn’t get it? I just earn a golden plane, and have 2 in the first screen. But when I go inside the airport Menü to buy new arrival/dep, I have just 1 golden plane? You can see it in the pictures. I think it’s a bug. Thanks for helping :blush:

(I couldn’t upload two pictures, so. 2 in 1 pictures)

You don’t need the gold planes for arrivals or departures. You need them to unlock planes for your fleet or change them into money (1 gold plane = 10000 W)

@inigmo Arrivals/departures are unlocked by keys - you get them when you play the levels. It’s a different currency :slight_smile:

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