PC Version

I think that it would be cool for there to be a pc version so we can play on the desktop. Perhaps you could use the forums database for logins to make it cross platform?


I suppose better would be web app, we are not all using PC/WIN :wink: :+1:

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Would be nice! :slight_smile:

You could make some good money on Steam with such a great game!


I think this was a pretty cool idea which we should bring back. I think it would be cool as a Desktop version, it would take a while to translate the controls to Desktop. But I think lots of people would see this cool as a Steam project or a website that you can play it on.

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Yeah I would definitely support it on Steam Greenlight or the program that Indie developers are able to showcase the game through. To be honest, there haven’t been many airport managing games for a while, and most that are on PC right now are 2D or pixelated. This would be a great idea.