Performance overheating Update

I hope there cooming a performance update in the nexts updates i hope it didn’t take too lang because my S20 Galaxy is overheating to 43°C (the maximum temperatur) and that reducing my smartphone lifepower. The Akku capacity is only at the half life.

Sorry for my bad English because im from germany.


Beim letzten Update wurde auf jeden Fall grafisch etwas verändert, sodass das Spiel einiges an Energie verbraucht. Hatte ich vorher bei der niedrigsten Einstellung immer eine etwas “verwischte” Schrift, kann ich jetzt in der niedrigsten Einstellung alles klar lesen.
Außerdem scheint der 30 FPS Button nicht zu funktionieren.

Yes me too on this one my iPhone seems to get real hot after couple of mins on game I end up taking it out of case and turning it off.

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I also turn on 50% Resolution and it don’t help.

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The last Update didn’t change any thing.
My Smartphone didnt overheating in the Default camera (39°C - 41°C) and not fast.
But on the Other cameras it overheating.
The FPS are lower than before and the Minigames FPS doesnt change.

I’ve noticed my FPS have slightly dropped. My iPad is a 7th Gen which I’ve had since last year. I’m begging to wonder if many devices (including high end ones) will struggle as more and more is added.

But knowing the developers, that the game is not good to a smartphone.
I think even high end phones overheating.

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I do wonder if the developers check the forum. Haven’t see, them around since just before the release of SAN. Seems to have moved on to mostly FB and IG.

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They are, I use an S20fe and it overheats, it’s not really high end but it’s higher end

my battery consumption is much higher with the last update

That also made the minigames on the bug Airports unplayable.

The next update currently includes a fix to help with this issue, we will see if it does the job, but wanted to let you know attempts are being made to assist with this

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Overheating in the last actualization is pretty bad, even with a huawei P30 pro that is a high end smartphone you can’t play more than 30 min

Odd my s20fe can for 2 hours at a time, and most likely beyond with the concurrent patch

After the last Update my S20 is Complete overheating even when I Set the Graphik at low and the overheating Time is 15 min maximal.

Sorry for my Englisch

Very strange, as I said above I run the same setup and run perfectly at max, how much do you have open at one time?

Only World of Airports and normaly at the highest Graphik because the Graphik didn’t make any Difference in overheating and last update I can play only 7 Minutes then it overheating no matter what I do.
And it also go over the safety Lockdown (43°C).

My highest Temperatur in the Moment was 46°C.

That’s very odd, since I can run world of airports with the forum and YouTube open in the background

Hello everyone
I read the post today and since I myself have these overheating problems with the battery on the S21 +, I tried a few things.

Step 1:
Make sure there are no apps running in the background that can reduce battery consumption. You can deactivate the background use of individual apps in the app settings.

Step 2:
The low frame rate must be activated in the Game Booster settings.

Step 3:
Choose the graphics setting you want, maybe Balance first and see how the battery temperature evolves.

After that, I was able to play non-stop with these settings without my smartphone reporting any problems.

Hope that helps a bit.

I have an s20fe and I run fine with only woa open, no battery issues, apart from faster drainage, that was a little odd, I thought it was running down really quick