Personal Fleet

Sorry for dumb question. Do I have to spend “ Golden airplanes” to unlock them in order to purchase? I know the first few I can unlock as achievement. Thanks

Hi @Metscott,
you can unlock all airplane types (except for concorde) with “Golden airplanes”.
But, the ATR can be unlocked at INN through missions, so can the E190 be unlocked in PRG and the CRJ700 in IAD. I am not sure wether or not you can unlock BAE through missions.

All other planes need to be unlocked with the golden airplanes after which you need to purchase the plane with W cash.

Is this enough information?

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You can unlock BAe at BRI.

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Yes. Thanks for answer.

No problem, I would suggest not saying your question is “dumb” someone e,we may have had that question. If you have a question feel free to tell me.