Plaine srack in airport

Hi to all i have a b777 that sepose to go to maintnanse and i allready perss borh the option snd pay 40000w
But stull the plaine stack in the gate say and dosent move

Allso every time its want me to prase the option and pay another 20000w ans he will still remain there

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What do i do is till stackthere

In the end after two dsys and 60000 w he airborne yo maintmanse

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Wait until its gone or handle more planes.

Maybe you didn’t have enough money for the plane to go to maintenance.
And also, since my profit has changed for player planes, the devs must add hangers to reduce the maintenance cost. Since prices had changed.

I told you i pay 3 times untill its work that 20000 multuply by 3
And it happend with another airplaine at another airport

Did you actually send it in the first place (send to maintenance>select route>send to maintenance?). If not there’s your problem and you didn’t spend 60,000 in the first place. Another question being when did you take this screenshot? was it after your first attempt or before?. I doubt anyone else has any record of this happening to them so it might be a you problem or you’re doing something wrong or your connection is slow.

Its happen with another plaine in another airport press the option that is green it takes the w and saying it going to destenation but the plaine dosent move and the green option become whith like the other option

Then, in that case, that’s a connection issue on your end. You’ll have to just give it a while to connect and it should send it out.

So far its been a day and it still tack and i connect with wifi and mobile network so i dont think its connection problem ill sand a pic yestrday evning the fra botton was green so ichose it now its a day like this

It looks as if you haven’t selected a destination for the plane. If you have done that I don’t know, I’m no expert.

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Green becomming white only means that you have unlocked the destination and afterwards you need to send it to an unlocked destination (white card).

I think he spend 3* 20000 on unlocking the destinations.

Did you have a fleet before unlocking ngo?