Plane does not go into maintenance

I have a A319 that will not go into maintenance. Suggestions? I’ve started and restarted 4 or 5 times.

Cleaning maintenance maybe?

Is this where to report bugs like this, or somewhere else?

You can dm the devs on fb or somewhere else, I don’t remember

I think this is a bug.

I dm’d them on FB. It gets old paying $16k to fly an A319 to anywhere.

Does the plane even move from its place?

Well, I can fly it but it costs $16k each pop, so I leave it in place.

This is it now… still won’t go into maintenance.

And, it keeps adding miles, but costs a ton… so I just keep it parked until the tech support people come in tomorrow.

Okay fix it.

Thank you.

I appreciate you telling them to put this at the top of the fix list.

You’re a good man.

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Still have my A319 parked so I don’t have to pay W$17k every time I fly it. Any other suggestions (I submitted this here and on FaceBook).

Is this where WoA are going to introduce hangars to park planes?

I have the same problem here. My A320 don’t goes to maintenance.

Good luck. I had to sell my E190 for W10k (not even W 20k), no response from dev or database people.

It’s boring :frowning_face:

BTW, that’s a cool tail number. Symbolic of your problem. OK-DUD. Gotta love their sense of humour some times.

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Does everyone’s fleet letters start with ‘OK’ or is it just mine’s and @phpedrini ?

I didn,t realize. It.was nice ::laughing:

All Prague airplanes callsigns start with OK. It is the real official designator for Czech Republic.

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Oh ‘OK’. :rofl: :rofl: