Plane handled?

Hey guys,
I am sending planes to my connection partners, but apart from my notifications, I can nog see in game whether my plane is handled and/or by who.
It would be a nice addition to be able to see this in game, so that I know which of my partners does handle planes properly and which are not active enough for me.
Does anyone agree? Or have better solutions to this?


I agree. It would be very helpful to know what size plane and when it will arrive for all active player connections at each airport, rather than just the push notification. I’ve missed a lot of connections due to not having the correct size stand available in time to handle the plane as miscalculated the arrival of a players aircraft.

I have proposed that one already, but the moderator said that that did not work in previous test versions. But what I am saying now is a little different, seeing which plane is handled by who.

It is same engine so same problems Can be expected.