Plane is blocking the Runway NGO

Hi, After 2h a small Plane is blocking the Runway. After restart a few minutes later the prob. And again and again

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Hi! I also have the same problem: an E190 stuck in the middle of the runway (no other plane can take off or land at the airport).


Attn to ALL. Pls dont use stand 304 in NGO until next release.

It cause airplane standing on rwy issue.

Thank you

^post from World of Airports from facebook. Just don’t use that stand.

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There is something more serious that needs some deeper analysis. Funny part it didnt happen on internal testing even signle one. Tuff luck category.


Great Info. But 2 late. Its blocked 4 a Plane.

I am also getting large and x large plane wanting to land when no space for them losing planes like no tomorrow, so far 4 guess planes and two other x large planes

@Janus1972 Please be more kind…


Why? Its the truth. A lot of people spents Money to the Game and than a bug like this!

It is a free game, you do not have to spend money on it. The developers do not or hardly get paid for deliviring you this excelent game. Only the new airport NGO has a few minor bugs. Play the other airports or do not play at all if you do not appriciate the efforts of the developers


The devs stated that the bugs never showed up during testing, accidents happen. A partial hotfix for this issue was released a mere 6 hours after the update, and devs said they are working on it. They communicated everything to the community, you have nothing to complain about

As for this, a lot of people did, and got a great experience. You cant just start shittalking the devs for a slight bug on one of 5 airports in game. Keep in mind it has barely been 24h since the update. Give it some time, and take into consideration what @DuneCrawler said


I agree, we should be thankful that the devs are working around the clock under the difficult circumstances the world is in right now. If I recall correctly, the devs aren’t doing this full time, which makes it much more difficult for them to tend to bugs immediately. This game is perfect for us aviation fans and be thankful that the devs created a great quality game for this niche.


In the meantime,what should we,the people who already assigned an aircraft to 304 at ngo do? @shill


In new developement version we are testing fix for that and planes do depart so it seems working. Will be deployed as soon as possible as always.

People spend money not forced to do so.
Childish, inapriopriate language is great way to show immaturity nothing else, we could not care less to be honest however account may and will be suspended and eventualy locked if user is asking for that in every post.

24 hours silence applied to an account for now.

We have great community and some very active and helpful members on forum, its not mandatory as well to have WoA instaled on a device.


I’m having the same problem but thankfully there are some other airports where you can play in the meantime :smiley:

Looking forward for the patch

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After the bug fix update, the bug still remains, even when I removed cache and re installed, it even gets worse, at least for me. Play store shows the app isn’t installed successfully even when the app is in the home screen. When I opened the app, it’s stuck on loading screen.

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303 was fine for me, it was 304/305 i think

Thank you, and that is why I chose not to react anymore :slight_smile:

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It was error on stand 304 here. But now the plane landed and I can play. Maybe hotfix was released.

It is released. I got 1.2.2. On play store about 1 hour ago