Plane Profitability Varies

Does anyone know why the profitability changes even when servicing the same airplane model from the same cities? I noticed this when I was servicing a B777 from IAD to my NGO airport. The difference between the two planes was over 500$ even though it was the same plane from the same city.

Is there any formula to this or is profitability completely randomized? I understand the fuel cost varies depending on city and aircraft type, but in this instance they were both the same. The only thing I can think of, is the game randomizes profit to make it more realistic to differing passenger loads, which is fine, I just want to make sure I understand how it works or I am not missing something.

To my knowledge it is randomized EXCEPT player aircraft if I sent you 2 737 aircraft they would have the same amount of fuel burned, however generic arrivals can be different, I have two emirates A380 aircraft coming in from Dubai, and one could have a barely used tank, yet the other can be completely empty, it could be used as an algorithm for ATC sending a longer route via GPS points but that’s my guess

@bsharpy @horsepowergeek

This is my experience as well. I’ve seen servicing and even distances (maybe what you mean, HPG), varied as well as arrival times back to the origin airport.

At times, it seems the game tries to be consistent, then other times, baffling.