Player Arrivals Not Arriving

Planes that are in my Player Arrivals lists for SAN and PRG are not arriving. Many planes are late by several hours. Are other people having this problem? Thanks.

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this seems to be spreading, there was another person had this happen, ive not played for like an hour and as I said on the other post, I usually don’t land player planes, and I have low connections

same Problem here!

yeah same here

I have the same problem at PRG

I sent planes from Bari to PRG and INN. After 16 hours they still on the way. Didn’t come back

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I have the same problem at SAN

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same here at all airports

Me too

eveyone has the same problem
I think it would be due to the new radar the WoA developers are making

they say its fixed!!

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I had tons of arrivals from other players but my fleet still does not land on my airport

Same problem as doublep99.
Met m and s plane are at Inn 3 arriving at 21pm today other are not shown of my 22 planes

nothing like that seem to happened with me
I got all my planes landed and took off

Now it’s fixed (at least for me), because all of my planes landed