Player liveries differ between models

I have noticed that most player liveries look completely different on every aircraft model. I started using the Stripes livery on my 787s as I like the design. But if I now apply the same livery type to my other planes, they look quite different. See the position/angle of the stripes on the tail and engines.

Seeing in the forum the new liveries for the reworked plane models, the liveries again slightly change for every plane.

Do you know if the developers are planning on making liveries look more alike across models? It would be nice to have a standardised appearance of the fleet.


I use the stripes livery too and on the A300 models it looks completely different.

Some time ago devs made survey about fevourite players liveries to choose one of each kind and make it avaiable for every type of aircraft in game. But works on new airport and new game content postponed this topic a bit. So problem will be solved :slight_smile: we have to wait a bit.