Player planes

I am having some problems with catching player planes because I have less time so can you make the waiting time for 24 hours and when I assign it, its timer starts so can you also make the player plane timer stop when I exit the game, so it can make a bit easy for me and players who have very little time to play.


not 24 hrs but must incerase the time for receiving the planes which would make us recieve the plane in time
line At san we have only 4 x/l stands so we cant recieve 10 or so large planes at one time which makes it difficult to service each plane so the must increase that time

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Yeah, then I will say like 10 hours or so.

but they (the devs) must consider this thing

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You guys are funny… when it first came out it used to be an hour, rather than 4, so I doubt it’s going to increase and it would detract from the gameplay

However what I do agree with is the arrival timer for connections should be like own fleet where it doesn’t start when it appears, but if the aircraft times out in its 4 hour window it disappears.

With 4 stands if you balance the initial timer, the cool down timer and running through the planes as quick as you can. 10 can be done, especially if you have your own planes sitting in the queue so that it limits the number that come up from your partner at a time. So if you know you are going to get a bunch and you have your own aircraft ready to land. Leave them. Makes life a lot simpler

By the way, I know this trick because I’ve done it many times. Also ask you partner if they have cargo to send those instead. That gives you an extra 2 spots to play with at SAN.


45 mins between INN and PRG for the aircraft to sit and wait 10 hours… Sorry but that’s ridiculous, essentially makes connections worthless if it’ll take half a day for an ATR to do a really short flight.

In all due respect, the only timer that I feel needs increasing is the holding slot timer for L flights at BRI, but only by 5 mins.


Depending on the flight time. 4-10 hours.

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I totally agree with @ukplanespotter757 and @carlsberg72. Maybe increasing the holding slot timer a little but even that is not really needed. You probably can handle 10 L/X (my record is 8 but the game crashed in between) planes at SAN and you definitely can handle 5 L planes at BRI if you really want to. It is tough but you just need to be prepared and with the new arrival timetable it has become much easier.
My recommendation: Don’t unlock too many gates or fill them up with own planes - makes the timer slower. Have your L/X stands empty when the planes arrive and don’t have any planes in the landing/departure queue. And of course use the speed up button.
And in regards to the waiting time please don’t forget that the player who sent the planes wants to get it back at some point. 4 hours are long enough to wait and blocking the plane and departure slots.
My recommendation: Just find out when your connection partner is playing and send your planes in time. For me it is working fine even with people I don’t know in what time zone they are living.


Yeah exactly, thats why 1 have 2 S planes and 1 M. Not for money but for space.

Can the player who sends some planes can sent up there own time how much time they will spend at the airports?

No, it’s a Max of flight time plus 4 hours, if accepted the player planes are on a counter just like the generics although they do tend to have longer than the generics on the ground.

Rule of thumb figure out flight time, adjust for any time difference, that’s the time it will get there for your partner. If you ignore the time difference add 4 hours and the return flight time. That’s when it will get back to you.
No more complex than that

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Ok, I understand, but what about this. Can this be adjusted?

  1. Timers are held for the landing queue for your own and generic aircraft, if you have accepted them but they haven’t attempted to land yet.
  2. Timers for connections planes will either clear after 4 hours and you will lose them completely or if you accept them and leave the game they will continue. This in part is to protect the 4 hour window you have to Service them.
    3a. Timers on generic planes and your own fleet do not start until they reach the gate. On connections it starts when they land, if #2 above does not apply. Part of the reason why you get longer to service a connection plane than others.
    3b. If you exit the game while your connection plane is taxiing. It will continue counting and you will lose the time already counted off the timer along with any time you are outside of the game. This is usually ok for short exits with L and X aircraft, but for S and at a places that have relatively long taxi times you can probably say goodbye to those.
  3. Timers are held for generic aircraft and your own fleet if you are servicing them at the gate and leave the game. This is not the case for connections. They will continue to run and if they time out while you are not in the game, they will disappear from the gate, again in part to protect the 4 hour window.
  4. One trick i learnt and more so with the new arrivals screen is when you go into the game. Hit the hold part of the landing queue timer (the icon with the raised hand), then go check your arrivals screen. If you have connections you can see how many you have and you can then tell if you have time to handle them. If you do. Release the hand and start accepting. If you don’t go to a different airport and try there where you may not have so many.
  5. If you do not have a lot of time to play, don’t try and create a lot of connections, stick to 1 per airport. That will reduce your risk of losing aircraft sent. In addition work with your connection partner and see if they can send planes that will arrive at times you can play. If not get someone who can.
  6. If you really don’t have much time at all to play. Just don’t bother with connections and work with the generics and your own fleet if you have them. A lot less stress.

God dangit, I know my ideas are not good. :unamused: :unamused: