Player Strike

How many times will silver planes be awarded for player strike on the same airport lane? Say my connection with player “Y” achieved the famous 100 strike and I’m awarded silver planes, I then start a new connection with another player “X” on the same lane. Will silver planes be awarded again once 100 strikes with player “X” are achieved?

No, you are rewarded this one time, or two times when you hit player and airport streak on different times.

Just so that there isn’t any confusion here, what SomeGuy98345 meant is that there are two parts to player connections, airport streaks, and player streaks. Airport streaks is the total amount of successfully returned planes between the two airports in general (can be with different connection partners). Player streaks is a streak between you and that player only. When you change connection partners, the player streak will reset to zero, but the airport streak will stay the same. The rewards is 100 SPs for an airport streak of 100, and 100 SPs for a player streak of 100 (per ‘route’)

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Ugh, had another player and i get to 85 connections than he ghosted me. BTW, looking for connections at airports up to NGO. continuing to build large fleets of S&M, working on unlocking large. I will handle anything you send me.

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