Players Plane Queue Reset

Hey all, so as of recently I have been growing my fleet (somehow), and I’ve noticed something when I land my planes with AI aircraft. Usually when my planes come to land, they are the first in queue if there is no planes at the airport. However, when I restart my game, the AI and my planes are mixed together in the queue. Considering they are our planes and we might not have much time to service other AI planes before ours, could there be a feature in the future where our planes are always first in the queue? This could also include connection aircrafts. Here is an image below of what I mean when they get mixed in the queue. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

As far as I know, it has always been this way? Not sure why…

But I do agree, it would be helpful to have your own planes + any connection partner planes grouped. :+1:


I actually have the same issue, but not with my aircraft, with other peoples, I’ve recently had to ignore player aircraft as if I need to leave, I have to wait until I service them, and my queue is so long at Prague (where I have the most flights daily) that they time-out before they even land, so it would really be nice if they were pushed forward

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