Please add new playable airport & add button to create airplane livery name with emblems

Good morning,Bonjour,Buon dias,bongiorno,Ohio goshaimasu ,selamat pagi, Monsieur senore senor et senora señorita Please add SOEKARNO HATTA AIRPORT Kualanamu Airport as playable airport within livery airplane name changing button to create own/ player airplane livery name with emblems because so boring just plain livery & not fun to play this game.So I suggest to you & I wishes to you can realize & please release many update items & playable airplane on World of Airport application WORLD OF AIRPORT TEAM… Grazie, Gracias arigatogoshaimasu,dank u, terima kasih,thank you for your time and attention madam and sir.

Playable airports come near the new years and In June most of the time so wait for them + the next two playable airports are already planned and in development

The ARS trains at Kualanamu would be cool but like most airports in Indonesia it only has one runway and there aren’t a lot of gates. I would think it would go very far down on their list.

Soekarno–Hatta is a beautiful airport, one of the best-looking layouts in the world, in my opinion. It’s so big that they might not be able to make the whole airport functional. Anyway it has already been submitted on the website.

I think you will love new 777 :slight_smile:

:ok_hand::+1: I apologize because I just reply your message sir…