(Pool no.1) Which of these two planes you want to have in the next game update?

  • B777
  • A350

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Can we have both aircrafts in the game? Not just one but BOTH. The A350 is much cooler than the B777 in my opinion.

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Are there any plans from Haugland to offer variations of an aircraft type (e.g. A319 & A321) in the future?

Results here and on Facebook fanpage are quite clear - B777 it will be (I guess its also in progress also if it will be fetched in this week update - not so sure).

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Pretty cool! Looking forward to more aircraft types.

Any idea if a 747 is in the queue??

I have plenty ideas :slight_smile: but its going to be right after 777 at least that is what I have recommended to devs and they kind of agree (we are missing A380 equivalent).

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will the 777s use XL or L stands?

L-size. 396 passengers version.777-300 (2class).

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So cool, but according to this information B787-9 need to decrease its capacity. Depents on configuration, but it have from 250 to 290 pax.:wink:

Max single class is 406 and that one was choosen to be “competitive” in income against A340 (and noone ever said it is 2 class Dreamlianer).

But yes for 2 class max.pax is 290 - but then it would be much better to buy good old 340 in WoA.

Maybe in the future there will be option to pick “variations”. So far its to few airplanes still in game.

It looks like concept has changed it will be 777-300 with 550 pax :smiley:

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maybe use XL stands for them?

Nope they fit in L. A380 hax max capacity increased as well to the max (856).

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When are the devs going to include the A350? Anytime soon?