Poor connections in Innsbruck airport

I must say Innsbruck airport base has been a sad experience for me. I have enough S stands in Prague airport. But when my owned plane gets take off for Prague, it returns with negative earnings. This was the airport streak I think. Player streak forget it. I gave 10 friend request, just one accepted it. I think whole connections rewards are not useful, and idea of it should be carried away. It can’t be done in game mode, only in real life. Thank you.

The earnings are not negative for owned planes. But you will have to pay for fuel. After you select a new destination for your plane, the destination fee will be payed, subtracted by fuel costs

Many players alraedy finished all achievements for connections so it is definiately possible. Planes can not return with negative as far as I know (income always is much higher than fuel cost for any kind of plane).

I am talking about after the game update. When airplane maintenance opened feature previous week. I know here are rich people who pay and then play. It is very hard to earn rewards when you don’t pay, and then play.

It is sloer but not impossible, compared to release its super easy now (bigger income, faster apron movements).

Personaly i haven’t done any micropayments and have large fleet >40 aircrafts (more than that is of course easy for me but i do not want to have fleet that enforce me to sit constantly in game).

I think there are many with 100+ aircrafts playing without payment - its a matter of time. |

Destination fee (unlock) is one time payment.

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Got your point, it’s a matter of time. Patience pays. :relieved:

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I agree with @shill on this one it is definitelly possible and having your own planes, and player connections are much more profitable than the regular planes. S planes dont really pay off esecially in INN. You should focus on M planes from the get go. It is still a grind but thats what you get for a free game without ads.

if you’re into money making i wouldn’t invest that much money (e.g. golden planes) at INN at all. Try to reach the target to unlock BRI asap and there you can start earning since there are way more stands for M and also some L-aircraft, that generate much more income.


Yeah BRI is great but i would even go as far as saying rushing PRG could be an even better strat

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