Possible US Airports

I think San Diego was not the best option. I think they should go for broke and do either Atlanta, Charlotte or DFW. Tons of hours of flights. Dulles was nice but I think the best option is big airports with tons of expansion. I know some of you won’t want to hear this, but developers could charge money to add terminals or runways. I mean let’s face it, they need to make their money too. And this is a real cheap game to play. I have less that $60 US in it and have hundreds of hours of enjoyment. Just a thought

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A lot of people would agree with you that San Diego wasn’t the best route the devs could’ve chosen, me included. I also agree with the fact CLT and DFW would be interesting airports to include in the game, at least in theory. However, I did find myself enjoying the slower pace of SAN coming from a much more hectic airport, even though it was a slog to get it going in the beginning. ATL, however, would be a terrible idea since a lot of players are already reporting that the game is running quite poorly on their devices as is. An airport like ATL wouldn’t improve that. My phone, a Samsung Galaxy A72, certainly wouldn’t be able to handle that, BlueStacks is looking even worse and I’ve already had to switch from my tablet due to that not being able to handle it anymore. Besides, where do you go from ATL?

When it comes to your other point, there’s a reason you can only acquire GP by buying them now. Not only were the devs concerned with improving the free to play aspects of the game and making it easier for players to unlock things, they also don’t want to force anyone to spend money on the game. They also know that such a decision would alienate a lot players making them less money in the long run. Besides, not everyone has $60 so I wouldn’t exactly call that “cheap”. I’d rather spend that money on a AAA game instead of being forced to spend it on a mobile game, regardless of how much I like it. Don’t get me wrong, I would spend money on the game, but I want it to be my decision rather than being forced to which is one reason I abandoned UATC rather quickly.

Make it to pay actual USD (or native money unit) for terminals
HAHAHHAHA your funny
If you serious than there goes any respect I had for you, and if they do that, I’m not gonna bother myself with playing, I bet a lot of other people on the forum would agree with me here
However you saying they need to make money is true, and as the last guy said, GP is the entire way they planned to make money, I highly doubt real payment terminals and airports will ever exist

Let’s break this down…

GP’s to my understanding are the only way devs are planning to make revenue from the game. There will never be ads. That much I can confirm. What the devs have done is tighten up how to get GP’s so they continue to be more exclusive and drive people to buy them and the key here is “if they can”. You can play the game for free quite easily. Just gonna take you a while to get there. I’ve dropped easily $300 on this game if not more and in exchange for zero ads. Fine by me. However pushing the game towards a buy everything scenario will not work. And here’s a few things that need to be understood

  1. Devs have only just spun this game off into a separate company to manage going forward
  2. Devs are enthusiasts. Sure they have built an excellent game. But let’s not kid ourselves. Epic or Blizzard (on the game front) they are not. As a result the need to push you into an aggressive side of buying GP’s is not there.
  3. No ads.
  4. See what UATC did… there’s a reason why i don’t play that much anymore.

Now SAN, it was never on the original roadmap. MSY was instead. But it’s my firm belief that SAN was put into the game as a testbed for what came after. Particularly the 3D world angle. Could there have been others instead, again sure. But remember devs are not out and out gamer creators. So they are going to do things their way. Regardless. Is SAN the most interesting airport. Well if you are one of those that prefers X/L aircraft, then no it won’t be. But its there to create domestic connections for players with IAD.

In terms of big airports. IAD with about 90 gates/Stands is I think still the biggest and plenty of folks struggle with lag on that one. For the record I have not, but that’s just me. Devs have tried a lot of tricks to reduce power drain and optimizing the back end operation to reduce the pain and suffering caused to players. And even IAD isn’t quite as big as it should be, because it’s only 2 runways when it should be at least 3.
Trying to shoehorn something like ATL into the game, while fun will kind of ruin the game play experience because there will be issues and trying to find planes on the multiple runways will be annoying. Same goes for ORD. LAX maybe as the 4 runways are close together and LHR with 2 parallel are more likely

But trust me on this. The devs have a roadmap, they know exactly what they are doing, sometimes they will throw curveballs in for fun. But the basic plan is locked away in the Czech Republic, exactly where it should be.
The game will keep evolving and that’s ok too. I do wish we could get airports in South America, Australia and Africa soon, Devs have teased quite a bit coming already, so buckle up, get ready and enjoy.

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That makes 2 of us.

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Make it three.

I can only speak for myself, but I actually enjoy playing SAN. True, it’s a pain to get the player connections handled… But for the domestic and Caribbean market it’s quite massive and offers a nice gameplay.

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I know this is a long shot but I’m throwing my 2cents in. My top 3 are DTW, MDW and the SDF. DTW is my airport so I’m bias. MDW is alot like BARI to me and would be very fun to play. SDF is dominated by UPS and would be a great airport to manage.

What makes an airport worth adding? There seem to be a few criteria common to the airports already implemented:

  • efficient runway layout
  • medium-large (but not huge) size
  • interesting scenery
  • airlines and destinations not common at previous airports

In the US I’d think it comes closest with Miami MIA or Las Vegas LAS. Maybe Honolulu HNL (where they’d have to add the B717 for Hawaiian).

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I’m only in IAD rn, but so far, based off what I’ve seen, not having the main operator be one airline is important too. Ig that will probably change with muscat but idk