Potential Connections Section Clean Up

Hi there, I am wondering what people think about cleaning up the connections section, especially with MCT coming soon. There are 3 options listed below, please select the one you would prefer?

  • Leave as is
  • Single thread per airport
  • Single thread by route

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What does the options tell about?

I think it’s a good idea to tidy up, the current section where most people just use a single thread is a bit messy. I think a single thread by route is the best option as it feels cleaner and easier.

Personally, I’d like to see subsections per route and then people using a thread per request - it saves having to read all the posts you missed on a thread and try to figure out who has had their requests filled already.

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Single thread by route - so basically we create a single post for each route and everyone wanting connections for that route, requests under there.

Single thread by Airport - in this case, there would be 7 posts (INN, BRI, PRG, IAD, NGO, SAN and MCT) and everyone looking for connections at that airport would post there,

Leave as is - anyone can post anything about connections.

Oh ok.

May I suggest that for either option an automatic removal of post after a certain number of days will be implemented?

Otherwise the posts get very long and it will be difficult to see which requests are still available.

Or a kind request to the poster to delete his/her post after making a connection at the beginning of the tread.

We can’t remove them per say, but I have some ideas of what we can do to assist with it… let me think it through, it’s a good idea, just need to figure out how to implement what I am thinking easily

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