PRG achievement

Hello All, I pretty new to the game and still learning… i am stuck on something and i am looking for some help… How do I get the EMB 190 to start flying to this airport so I can get the achievement? I even bought a emb 190 and it does not count it. Same thing happened at Bari

Thank you in advance

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Have you purchased your own E190? If you operate your own then you no longer require the achievement to unlock it, the non-player E190s are the ones that count to the achievement, so you need to unlock an arrival slot (in the connections tab) to have them arrive at your airport :smiley: Hope that helps you!

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I did purchase my own e190. Ahh so unlock a connection to a location with an e190.

Thank you so much for the help, I will give it a try

Make sure it’s not another player connection, but a route with actual airlines, eg VIE with an Austrian

I suggest that you take FRA. This probably is also your maintenance site for the 190.