PRG Airline Gate assignment - Fluff topic

Just saying what I try to do with the way I try to make things closer to real life…

Prague seems to have two dominant airlines with the way the new update plays out…

So with Ryanair they get the M gates in the U in front of the Tower.

Smartwing gets the 1, 2, 6, & 7 over to the right.

My M planes get the last 4 gates on the outer concourse to the right (28 - 31).

The rest are semi-flex gates but I do try have be consistent where flights like easyJet, KLM, Iberia and Tap kinda go to the same area.

I can only do it with the M as the other sizes are too random.

Just a random post.

My planes are TGyoubstard.


I think you will be Surprised how many folks do this.

Me for example before the update, skipped the L and X

1- KLM 190
2- Austrian 190
6,7 - Finnair
9- KLM 737
10- British Airways 320
11- Czech/CSA
15,16 - S7 and Volotea
17 - Ryanair
18/19 - Easyjet
20 - overflow
24 - overflow
25-31 Smartwings

For a while I even had the S stands assigned but not now


I just make my own assignments.