PRG to INN Connection

I’m currently in PRG and looking for an active player to establish a connection at INN for the connections achievements, both for player and airport.
I have 3 medium aircraft I’m willing to send as frequently as game will allow.

I’m up for it, and have 8 planes. I’ve also completed a few 100-runs, so dedicated enough to see it through. Couldn’t add you though, so please add me in case your still looking.

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I tried.adding JensK but says player not found. I am online now if youd like to retry adding me

Sorry about that, I’m sneaky enough to have a different user name here. That’s how it goes when being too early into a game. I’ve added you now!

I’ve accepted your connection request now. Will send you a plane as soon as one is available.

Looking for connection to INN…

Anyone needing BRI from your PRG? I have 14 planes, but I need someone who will be there for 100 connections (my last connection dropped out at 84… :cry:)

I’m at +2 hours, and my ingame name is “Kullenarisk”.

For prg please. WARGASM

I am. I have one plane though.
Username is USSRenegadeNCC1783