Prioritising landings based on aircraft size

This could be a bit of a simple fix to an issue which was brought up a bunch of times here, the one where you cant get many L and X planed beacuse M and S especially are blocking the landing queue. I propose a hierarchy system that would allow players to themselves sort which size they want to prioritise for arrivals.

I understand the idea you have, BUT I think the problem is a too big fleet you can’t handle anymore. If you sell some planes you won’t have that problem anymore. Your own planes always arrive first and I think that is enough of priorisation. After that they should land in the order they arrive at the airport.

The Airlines in real cannot have a fleet of X00 planes based all on one airport. They cannot have more planes then available slots at an airport…

What that means for the game:

In IAD I have around 80 L/XL planes, 25 S and 25+ M and it is working fine. I have had never an issue with that. Probably because I am playing daily before there are long queues waiting for landing. If you play less you cannot handle that many own planes so you need to sell or ground parts of your fleet.

Always I know I won’t play much the next days all of my S and most M plane flights will be cancelled and they are staying on the gates.

That’s my opinion :wink:

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I know i was saying just because if L planes arrive late you have to wait a bunch of time to servcie them. if they arrive first they complete at the same time as others