Problem with Random connection for INN airport base

Hi Guys,

I post this in general discussion, first, coz I am not too sure if it is a bug or if it is only me having this issue.

Currently, I am using the iOS version of the game, and playing at INN airport base. And it looks to me the random connection features, to PRG and BRI is not working.

My first expectation was to get a connection after few minutes, coz the number of players looks quite big, but actually I can be several days waiting for a random connection, and still nothing happen.

So, please let me know if some of you are facing the same issue.


That’s not how it works.
Sure random connections can happen, but if you want to actually get the achievement you will need a confirmed partner to get you there.
Not sure if you have your own fleet yet but sometimes the veterans will send you their planes to help you to the 100 (although it is much quicker if you have your own planes too.

Go to the Connections section of this forum. Find the route thread for the route you are looking for. Provide your username, timezone and times you play and let folks know you are new at this and maybe you will get someone to sign up and help.

Hi Carlsberg72,

Thanks for your feedback.

I have posted my request on the connection category.