Profitablity of Owned Planes

Hey guys. I looked around and didn’t see anything on this yet. My extra large planes aren’t able to turn a profit at IAD. The contract manager shows negative several thousand for every destination but LAX. Is this intended? Is there something I need to do to upgrade the planes or IAD? Or did they just decide A380s shouldn’t fly out of IAD?

Have you tried changing the seating configuration for business and first at all?

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Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I didn’t even realize that was possible. Running it with higher class seats made it worth several thousand instead of negative several thousand. I had only found the paint menu before this.

I hope not a silly question. How do you establish contracts with players at another airport. There is no longer a random choice - or is there no value to this. Im at St Maart now and reached level 48 Max, whats the next challenge?

I just tagged you in the post about how to do it