Purchase planes with w instead of golden planes

When looking to buying new aircraft, some are available to buy with W and some show the option of both golden planes and w but I can only choose golden planes. I have enough money to buy a380 but can’t.

There are some types that are unlocked by achievements as you progress through the airports. However all the rest are only available if you unlock them first and for that you need gold planes I’m afraid.
Because gold planes purchases are the only form of revenue to the devs these items will not be switched out to W only unless it’s a special event or something like that. But for a 380, you will either need to buy the gold planes or earn them by completing achievements and/or collecting by your aircraft going past Maintenance C.

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Its like buying the type of airplane with Golden planes then buying the airplane with W.

Thanks for very helpful info. What do mean by going past maintenance c?

Between maintenance A & C if your sell your aircraft you get ingame currency, between C & D you get gold planes for selling it (varying amount dependant on the size of aircraft). After maintence D the plane is classed as scrap & is worthless.

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