Push messages incomplete?

I have noticed that not all messages are displayed. Is this your experience, too? Connection partner planes are not always mentioned.

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Yeah I have this, I don’t get notifications when playing WoA, but when I’m not playing WoA, I can get some but other times I get absolutely nothing and aren’t aware of anything inbound.

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Figures. It was your planes that came to me “out of the blue”. Do you get the messages from my BRI planes to your PRG?

Mostly yeah, but some do come as a surprise. I figured L and PRG-BRI don’t tend to send notifications until the aircraft is on approach.

Just sent 4 S’s and 5 Ms. Let’s see what messages you get.

Got a full set of notifications.


There is definitely something with the messaging. From the 9 planes I sent I got only one acknowledgement of handling.

Have you got other mentions of this problem? Should I post in Bug Reports?

I mentioned that problem already a few months ago. I don’t get all notifications and it is also a maximum of 50 notifications I get. Especially in the morning I have no clue what connection planes are waiting at what airport. We really need a feature to see the connection planes!!! I don’t know why they are not deploying it as it was in the release notes a few months ago and it also was in the connections manual already.

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I think this problem still exists. Today 1 message of arrival, but 2 planes in the landing queue. Anybody else recognise this?