Quasi-n00b guidance request

Hello, been playing WOA for a month or two. All I’m doing right now is grinding, I’m thinking there’re some things I’m not doing. Please tell me what I’m missing!

INN, to BRI, to PRG. Didn’t like the long taxi, bought 100 GP, opened IAD (much better!), and bought some Wollars and a 777. Currently level 19. Still have 62 GP. 770 SP. 400K Wollars. Halfway to earning the NGO unlock.

Stands I have: 2S, 1M, 8L/X, 4X.

How I play: Cards at the bottom, Yellow dot, click. Then push the white buttons til they turn orange. This is the grinding.

I always earn the bonus at takeoff, except for the occasional S plane.

When I earn enough keys, I get a new arrival/departure. I choose those randomly, are there better airports to choose there?

I don’t do anything with the runway priority, don’t know what that does. Two arrival slots.

There. Thank you for any advice.

How many planes takeoff/land, if it’s say 3:1 then three planes takeoff and one lands, it isn’t active at iad, mct, or lej so that isn’t much of an issue
As for everything else your doing fine, I would say make every stand up because that’s how I grind, as many planes coming through as humanly possible, but others do it differently

First thing
You can get the airports unlocked without using the gp
you can use the gp to unlock the planes, the liveries and the colours
I would advice you not to convert the gp to the wollars as you get the wollars by handeling the planes.
you can always increase the number of stands
you can always use connection slots in the destinations tab to connect to other players worldwide
you can also speed uo the services by clicking on the green button on the handeling bar
and for other things @horsepowergeek has told everything