Question about gameplay

Hi everyone, I’m new to the game just downloaded it yesterday, great so far. I’ve got a question about the passenger counter and golden plain progress bar. They don’t appear on my screen and when I return to the menu after I have been playing for a while the passenger count is still zero. I don’t understand how to get the passenger count moving or if they are supposed to appear in the top left of my screen at all.

It has been changed couple of weeks ago and guide is not yet updated (hard to update it as UX is changing all the time eventually I may do it at some point when it will be “stable”)

Passanger counter is hidden in “achievement” tab (trophee icon) - it only increase if you handle planes on time - if plane goes without on time handling it stays zero.

Ok thanks for that, makes sense now

If you need help with the guide, let us know. Happy to help.